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Proofreading services by Polished Paper: how it works

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Proofreading is the final phase of copy editing.During this phase, the proofreader checks and revises the entire document with a critical eye toward eliminating grammar errors, typos,redundancy, and discrepancies to prepare the manuscript for publishing or final submission. Polished paper( is an exceptional editing service provider that offers such proofreading services.

Proofreading services by Polished Paper comprises some specific target areas. These are checking the language and the flow of content.

How to check the flow of content

Careful critical reading is the best way to check the flow of content within a manuscript. A proofreader, while reading a manuscript, also keeps an eye out for gaps or factual discrepancies. He or she also checks the citations for STM manuscripts.

Content checking requires extensive work; however, during the proofreading phase,the proofreader identifies and fixes only the obvious mistakes. The proofreader applies the universal policy “don’t fix something that is not broken.”

How to check language accuracy

Proofreading services by Polished Paper is the most meticulous of all such services.The professionally trained proofreaders at this company find and fix all sorts of typos and syntax and mechanics errors and eliminate wordiness and redundancy. Upon request, they will perform a plagiarism check to prevent writers from facing copyright infringement issues in the future.

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