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Proofreading or Editing? What do I need?

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The need to write accompanies every individual throughout his or her life in one form or another. In this academic era, individuals have to write a variety of essays, theses, journal articles, dissertations, and more to reflect their creative ability and writing skills. As time passes and we move from academic to professional endeavors, the need to write stays with us. Except instead of writing essays and dissertations, we write reports, letters, tech manuals, etc. It requires large amount of skill and creativity to ensure outstanding writing

Looking at the increased importance of creative writing in regular life, new trends have emerged related to professional and academic proofreading and editing. The editing and proofreading field has developed into an outstanding profession for providing effective solutions for document preparation. Various professional proofreading and editing providers are available that offer endless support to their clients. Highly customized and effective solutions from proofreading editing services by Polished Paper have been made available for its clients to ensure complete accuracy in all writing.

People tend to confuse proofreading and editing, believing them to be synonymous. However, in reality, they are different. Each serves a different purpose and works on a different depth. This diminutive difference has been observed by the expert professionals of Polished Paper. The proofreading and editing services by Polished Paper do BOTH editing and proofreading.

Proofreading, being a crucial stage of writing, involves acute analysis of the entire document. Its role is equivalent to the conceptualization and publication of writing. Readers generally seethe minute details of a document, making errors stand out. To ensure effective relief from such mistakes, people generally prefer to consult a professional editor for proofreading and editing. However, people are generally unable to decide which service to choose for their needs.

Which service to select and when?

The type of and purpose for writing continuously changes, and people can effectively decide to choose the most appropriate service to meet their needs. Depending on the quality of the submitted content, these two services have their own significant importance. Proofreading involves the correction of errors related to grammar, spelling, punctuation, formatting, and syntax.

However, the editing process involves an acute analysis of the entire content with a keen observant eye. Editing looks after the complete presentation of ideas and information in the writing and its structure. The main objective of editing is to ensure the content is effective and easily understood.
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