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How to Revise or Edit Your Essay?

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Essays are lengthy pieces based on facts or creativity. The length of an essay often dictates its level of difficulty.Editing such a literary work thus becomes another responsibility, increasing the difficulty level of the project. It is difficult in that the essay-writing process becomes more time consuming and tedious.

Accordingly, many students look for online editing services for their essays. There are many websites that provide these services. The best thing about revising & editing services by Polished Paper is the quality they provide. There is no compromise given on the quality of the work they do. Also, if a student hires revising & editing services by Polished Paper, he or she is sure to get his or her essay edited and returned on time.

Procedure of revision or editing:

Revision and editing is not an easy job because it requires a person to re-read and cross-check the essay. The procedure of this revising/ editing process is mentioned below.

  • Rest: It is very important to take a break from writing before starting the editing process. The editing process requires a lot of effort, as it focuses on minor details. Thus, a fresh mind is required for this work. Resting for a while will reduce the thoughts that have been lingering in your brain.
  • Large scale revision: This process of revision involves reading the essay broadly in order to identify and correct logical and structural errors. The errors can be in the form of arguments and/or the structure of an essay. For example, if a conclusion is given in the middle of the essay, the line should be moved to the end.
  • Small scale revision: This step involves looking at a particular part of the essay. For example, if the introductory paragraph seems inappropriate alterations will be made to the wording and structure to make it appropriate. Small scale revision focuses on logic and argument errors in an essay.
  • Editing: Editing is similar to revising, but it deals with minor additions or omissions. It is basically done to increase the readability of the essay so that the reader finds the essay easy to read.
  • Proofreading: The last step, proofreading, deals with removing errors in spelling, grammar,word choice, or format.

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